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It's a BLUES JAM, folks - not an open-mic night. What this means simply is that if you are a budding singer-songwriter, and you're looking for a platform to showcase your latest collection of power ballads, you've come to the wrong place. We play the blues.
Expect to play with other players. There is a full back line, (check to be sure there's a keyboard) and you'll likely be playing and/or singing with a guitar player, drummer, and bassist. There may or may not be horns in the mix.

Lots of jammers say they "want to let the house band play before they arrive." There is no set time for the house band to play, and often get jammers are invited to play with the house band initially, so, you snooze you loose.

Always bring your own instrument, cable(s) and tuner. In an emergency, a fellow player might consider lending you their gear, but you should never just turn up and expect to borrow equipment. Drummers can relax, though. Keyboard players check ahead.
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Sarasota is a vacation town, and an area where tourism thrives. Great weather, beautiful beaches, lots of things to do. Musicians who come to visit the area naturally seek out jams to meet with others in the music community. The Sarasota Blues Jam is the perfect place to meet friends, make new contacts, and enjoy an evening of great music! Just remember while you're here that your host for the evening is in business to make money, and ordering water or a glass of iced tea while spending the entire evening seated at a main table is NOT supporting your jam. Sign up on our contact page or this page lower left for the email list.
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offers you a great place to jam. Bring your friends, or bring the family.
Many locations are restaurants as well, with no "night club" age limits, so young people are always welcome to attend and play. Please remember, though, that it's not an amateur hour, and players are expected to know how to play the blues.

Jam nights are a great place to practice with fellow musicians in a totally different environment. A jam allows you to work with musicians of all styles and gain confidence in the ability to 'wing it' with people you have never rehearsed with, and provides the audience with great impromptu entertainment!
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